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A Sign of Things to Come (!?!?)

I've been a little inactive here lately and for that I apologize, but I hope this can make up for it! My first ever youtube video and hopefully the first of many. Someday I want to look back on this and say "Wow! That looks awful!"


  1. ...why did you put "penis" in your tags?

  2. Do the wheels rotate, meaning does the track move and stuff?

  3. @icey I'm also trying to figure that out.
    Thanks for the video share.

  4. Cool tank. Yeah BoA sucks. They are slimy thieves.

  5. thats cool, and banks suck.... i have overdraft protection and "auto transfer" to prevent overdrafts and the auto thing doesnt work and i get charged.. is bs

  6. I hate BoA... someone wrote me a check for $80 and it bounced and I got stuck with a $12 fee because this guy didn't have enough money in his account!

  7. Wooah looks awesome, id like to ride one of those lol.

  8. You can also save money by eating ramen instead. ;D


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