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Cr-48, A love story

Last December, Google sent me their CR-48 netbook to test out and help improve. Well I can proudly say that I stuck with their Chrome operating system for 6 solid months, but the more I used it the more I realized it's limitations. Their "nothing but net" philosophy that inspires this computer just wasn't for me, I had to have application support and a decent file manager. I had to have... Windows!

It was a long complicated road, installing Windows 7 on this thing, but now that it is I've never been happier with this laptop. What I don't understand is why Google gave this laptop such nice hardware but gimped the operating system. You can still do a lot with just a 16 gigabyte hardrive.

But who am I to doubt Google's infinite wisdom?

A Sign of Things to Come (!?!?)

I've been a little inactive here lately and for that I apologize, but I hope this can make up for it! My first ever youtube video and hopefully the first of many. Someday I want to look back on this and say "Wow! That looks awful!"

More progress

Will be done in the next day or two so keep checking back! Not only that but I'm going to be posting a youtube videos of an animation in this test chamber and some other projects I've made over the last few months.

The next few days should be pretty eventful here on Test Blog Please Ignore!

Prepare for CUBE

It's up to you to guide Cube around the things Cube can't go through.


Quick and dirty update

Lighting is hard. That laser glow is just way too intense but it's kinda nice in it's own way and I still need to work on making the light more evenly distributed. I'm thinking about decompiling whatever map this scene is from to see how Valve set up their lights. The environment is nowhere near finished, but fret not, the final scene will be done within the week.


You can't have an Aperture Approved Test Chamber without a panel or three!

The scale of everything is all off, but for an hours work it's not so bad. Obviously there's no "room" surrounding them yet, but that's why it's a WIP.

Many more updates to come!

Frickin' lasers!